Custom Fabrication

Circular Redcor/Corten and Stone Fire pit
Unique shaping
Custom created Pergola
Letterbox with address
Welding and fabrication
Unique Fire Pit

Darren is head of our Custom Fabrication Department. Darren is a qualified Fitter/Welder with over 25 years of experience. Darren is knowledgeable with different welding techniques and has a great attention to detail.

Our Custom Fabrication Department can fabricate Raised Steel Planters, Vegetable Gardens, Roof Top Gardens, Tree Rings, Letterboxes, Steel Pergolas, Fire-pits and many other bespoke designs. We can also accurately shape FormBoss Steel Garden Edging into any design so installation is much quicker and easier.

Custom Redcor/Corten Shapes
Custom Pentagon planters in Redcor/Corten

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