Installation Tools

Remove old edging
Installation of Steel Edging
Formboss Steel Edging installation


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What Tools will you need?

The ideal set of tools will come down to user preference, experience and the application you are working on.
Here are a couple of tools that will make your installation as easy and flawless as possible.

There are several alternatives to using these tools, and chances are you will not need all of them. We’ve assembled a list of tools that will assist you best from our installation experience.

• Rubber Mallet
• Rubber Forming Strip
• Wide Brimmed Vice Grip
• 8mm Magnetic Hex Head Driver
• Drill (preferably a cordless one)
• String Line, Chalk, or Marking Paint
• Angle Grinder or Hack Saw
• Metal File
• Spade, Pickaxe or Hand Mattock
• Square
• Pen
• Tape Measure

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